Blogging 101 - The Millionaire Next Door

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Exclusive blogging guide for beginners, with a total of 152 pages, covers everything you need to know to set up the spark in your career:

What does this ebook cover?

• Introduction to blogging, what it is all about and several mistakes newbies make that harm their careers

• How to set up your own blog on WordPress and/or Blogger (with link to a paid ebook, free. I have already paid for that)

• 30 hottest niches to join as a blogger. Some niches will frustrate you, but I listed about 30 that do not need more than 3 hours work a day, and you can be making more than $600 a month.

• Overview of Alexa ranking, domain authority and page authority and how I managed to grow my own to the level they are now. Please note that for advertisers to patronise you, you must have good stats and these are the major way of checking for that.

• Hot traffic sources you should never mess with. I shared my little secret on how I grew from 800 daily page views to more than 20,000 daily page views without any paid advertising.

• Over 30 well paying ad networks that you can use on your blog, and 3 biggest tips that helped me get more than 20 AdSense accounts approved.

• More than 25 affiliate marketing websites that you can join to make money online. One of the affiliate marketing sites I worked for made me $372 in a month, and they eventually suspended Nigerians… Lol! 

I didn’t include that in the ebook since it is no more necessary, but I included others which pay more than. We’ll also be updating you with any more opportunity and trends in the WhatsApp and Telegram groups.

• Link to more than 20 secret Facebook groups where I join to get daily sponsored posts on my blog. I landed clients who pay me more that $50 per post from these groups. Most Nigerian bloggers do not know that such groups exist, and most sponsored posts I get from there are from Indians, Americans, UK and Palestinians.

• More than 20 websites that you can sign up to in order to start getting sponsored posts to your website and much more.

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Full blogging guide for beginners. Learn how I grew my blog from $0 per month to $1,400+ monthly revenue.

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Blogging 101 - The Millionaire Next Door

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I want this!